Quantum Multicolor Lamp units fewer than or equal to 10.

Use blue-tack to fix Quantum Multicolor Lamp  units onto the wall easily. They can be removed simply and will leave no trace.

1 Unpack blue-tack and cut it into several smaller pieces Make sure that Quantum Multicolor Lamp units are on the right position on the wall, press the units firmly against the wall until the blue-tack balls are evenly flattened into the thickness of a coin, so that their surface contacting with the wall is expanded to ensure the adhesive strength. Follow the steps above to paste every unit onto the wall. The blue-tack mount plan goes well with wall surfaces that are without powder or peels. Please test the blue-tack with the wall before you start. If the wall paint falls off, please do not apply with this mount plan.

2. Notice Use a utility knife to separate the blue-tack and Cololight units. After removing the units, use your fingers to rub and curl the blue-tack left on the wall until it is completely remove. Please do not remove the units directly from the wall to prevent damaging your wall surface.

3. How to remove 1. How to use 2 Rub it and stretch it at least 10 times 3 When the blue-tack pieces get sticky, rub them into small balls and place them on the back of the Quantum Multicolor Lamp unit (2-3 balls for each unit) Quantum Multicolor Lamp  units more than 10 With more than 10 units, we recommend to use a corner bracket to assist the mounting to support it physically and ensure a firm installation.

1 Finish the combination according to the pre-designed plan, make sure the connector is pressed in place to be level with the back of the unit. It’s better if the units can be glued and fixed at the connections of units to ensure no falling off or loosening during the installation.

How To Mount With Brackets

2 Place the combined units on the wall and mark it on the lower edge of the units that need to be fixed by brackets.