Recommendation for first purchase?

We recommend started with the basic kit that consist of three light blocks, so it is not too little or too much to start with!

Are there buttons for the light?

There are touch buttons on the front and back, you may press and hold these buttons to turn the light on/off.

How do the modules attach to the wall?

There are sticky pads provided or you can use the holes on the back of the light to hook onto a nail.

What is the power consumption?


How do they turn on/off?

Each module has a proximity sensor which detects the distance of your body. As you come into contact with the module, it will toggle on/off. You can use any body part or other conductive materials!

What is the color temperature of the light?

The lighting temperature of the LED illumination is 3200k.

But I Don't  have PayPal what now?

if you don't have PayPal and don't or can't sign up, go to our checkout page and click checkout with PayPal then click 'check out as PayPal guest' once you get to the PayPal screen, this will allow you to use your Visa card or other debit cards to pay for product.

Other currencies?

Yes we accept currencies from other countries. For PayPal it automatically converts it into USD (United States Dollar).

100% Satisfaction?

Yes, if we happen to fail to deliver your products you will be refunded.

Defective Product?

If a product is claimed to be malfunctioned or destroyed by delivery, then within 14 days the buyer has to provide appropriate proof and if they do, a refund or replacement will be issued.

How Long will it Take For Order to Arrive?

United States Shipping: 1-3 Weeks

International Shipping: 2-4 Weeks

Can I Cancel An Order?

Yes, but only before it has been processed and shipped. After it has been shipped there is no possible way to cancel.